Mickey’s Busy Summer

The autumn rains have finally arrived and the heat of the Hawke’s Bay summer has finally started to subside. The last month has been tough on a pig’s complexion with lots of moulting, so I have dedicated myself to lying in the shade and sleeping for the pleasure of our guests with the old break for grass eating and tit-bits. My other animal friends here have also been enjoying the summer and everyone seems to be happy in our spring fed paddocks.

This time of the year has been very busy with guests at the Manse and I have enjoyed a steady stream of visitors, many of whom feel the urge to scratch my tummy and share fruit and tit-bits with me. As the annual fruit and apple harvest begins here, I have also been enjoying a regular diet of fresh Hawke’s Bay fruit and vegetables from the Manses beautiful gardens which is wonderful for this Kunekune’s physique. As they say, treat your body as a temple…

Autumn is a delightful season in Hawke’s Bay with so much for visitors to see and do, the local wineries are busy, lots of entertaining events to attend and the evening temperatures are now perfect for a relaxed drink on the balcony taking in the beautiful sunsets after one of Gary’s delicious dinners. If you are thinking that a quick escape to Hawke’s Bay is on the cards for you and a loved one, contact Dietske here, and ask about their upcoming Golf Packages – these certainly promise to be popular.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit your favourite pig.

Mickey relaxing at The Manse Luxury Lodge